Below Terms of Service apply to you as a member or advertiser of By registering an account you must agree and understand all terms and conditions.

In order to become a member of the website you have to be 18+ years old.

- Every member is responsible for the security of his account. Only the owner of the account knows the password. The account's email address should only be available to the owner of the account. We do not bear any responsibility for a hacked account that has been hacked because of the owner's lack of caution. A new password can be generated if the old one has been lost.

- One user can only have one account. It also applies to the payment accounts. Any attempt to open more than one account will reflect in banning every account which belongs to the same person. Only one account can be created form one IP address and one computer.

- It is not permitted to use a shared internet connection or shared computers (e.g. internet cafes, schools, work) or to use any software that hides the true identity of the user (e.g. proxy, VPN, ToR browse, Opera Proxy etc.)

- All data provided during the registration process or later in the account settings must be correct.

- The user e-mail address stated during the registration should be active for the whole period of the membership. If the e-mail address is no longer active, website administrator reserves the right to suspend the user account without the right to reinstate.

- The user data is stored in an encrypted database. The data is not and will not be accessible or sold to third parties.

- User accounts belong only to the person who created them. Accounts cannot be passed on or sold to another person.

- Users using false information during registration will be suspended.

- To use the website one should own a computer. The website owner is not responsible for the malfunction of the page on mobile devices.

1. The Anti-Fraud Policy
1.1 Any attempt of breaching the page code, hacking will be noted and the user account will be deleted.

1.2 It is forbidden to use any software designed for automatic ads viewing or filling out offers.

1.3 We reserve the right to disclose violations referred to in the above 2 points. Each account will be checked for any irregularities before the payment.

1.4 Each user should own an account where money is transferred.

1.5 We reserve the right to verify the user account fully, which means to show identity card.

2. Payments To Members
2.1 Payments are transferred to user's Payeer account or Bitcoin (BTC) address. For security reason, payment processor's email address or number used for withdrawal must be the same as the one used for deposit. Free members can cashout to the payment processor of their choice. Ensure the payment processor account that you create is with a company which allows payments to your country.

2.2 Withdrawals can be made on business days (Mo. - Fr.) excluding legal holidays. We may manually verify each payment to prevent fraudulent activity. Therefore, it may take up to 48 hours for your account to be updated excluding administration absence of which the users will be informed in advance.

2.3 Minimum payout amount is set to $10 for all members. Please note that a fee will be taken depending on the payment processor you use.

2.4 The user can only order one payment at the same time.

2.5 The user is responsible for providing correct account number, username or e-mail address of payment system. If the information provided is incorrect, the service does not return the payment which was awarded to the wrong account number.

2.6 All attempts of returning the payment will be ignored and the funds will not be added back to the user account.

3. Payments To
3.1 The website accepts payments made only through the mechanisms available on the site. Any attempts of sending payments directly to the website account will be ignored.

3.2 You agree that all payments to EdenTraffic are final and that EdenTraffic has a strict no-refund policy, except in cases where EdenTraffic expressly allows refunds.

3.3 Minimum deposit amount is set to $5. Please note that a fee will be taken depending on the payment processor you use.

3.4 When members fund their EdenTraffic account, the purpose of such funding is to buy AdPacks / Advertising. Members may not withdraw newly added funds (from "external funding") from their account before buying AdPacks / Advertising.

3.5 All attempts of retrieving the money will reflect in the immediate suspension of the account.

4. Account Suspension
4.1 User's account will be temporarily suspended after 30 days of not logging in and permanently suspended after 60 days of inactivity.

4.2 All suspended accounts will be reset. Earnings, subaccounts and recommendations will be deleted.

4.3 All suspended accounts are archived. The users will not be able to create a new account with the same IP or e-mail address.

4.4 reserves the right to not delete accounts even if they are active or suspended.

5. Advertising On
5.1 All advertisements must be approved by the administrator before being available to users.

5.2 We accept all websites except those breaking the frame, sites with more than ONE pop-up, with viruses and suspicious code, pornography or illegal content, redirect to another page, offering selling of drugs, weapons, inciting to hatred and violence.

5.3 The administration reserves the right to refuse advertising of the website without giving a reason.

5.4 Advertised website must be prepared for the increased website traffic.

6. Liability
6.1 You agree to recognize EdenTraffic as a true advertising company which shares its revenues, and not as any form of investment of any kind. A purchase of advertising service with us is not considered a deposit, nor investment.

6.2 is not responsible for any delays or errors that are not related to the website or that are beyond the website's owner control.

6.3 EdenTraffic reserves the right to modify or change any aspect of the EdenTraffic program (except the privacy policy) at any time without prior notice.

6.4 is not responsible for the members' tax return. We are not sharing any member's tax information. Every member is solely responsible for the tax return of the income generated by the website, according to the tax law of the country, the member lives in.

Posting false negative vote/s on feedback site/s without contacting us first is considered to be a strict violation that could lead to indefinite account suspension.
Therefore, if you have any kind of issue with your account, please always make sure to try and resolve it with our support team, we're always at your service!